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We Provide a 24 Hour Post Procedural Care Package.

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Elite Nursing Services, LLC

A post-operative concierge Registered Nursing company that specializes in plastic surgery and total joint replacement patients in the Greater Denver area. Owned and operated by Heidi Leopold, an Acute Care Registered Nurse. Our goal is to provide the necessary care required after many plastic surgery/ total joint replacement procedures are completed. A Registered Nurse will pick you up post procedure , to care for you for the following 24-72 hours. The entire team at Elite Nursing Services have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Heidi Leopold, RN

RN, CEO & Operator

In Memory of Tamara Lyon, RN

If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased. – Maya Angelou

What we offer:

  • Vital signs monitoring with O2 Sat
  • Drain monitoring/emptying
  • Wound care & dressing changes
  • Medication administration by mouth
  • Intake / output monitoring
  • Foley removal
  • Activities of Daily Living assistance
  • 24 Hour prescription pick up services
  • Supplemental oxygen
  • Transportations from the surgical facility to the hotel or home
  • Notifying your physician with any significant adverse signs or symptoms
  • Transport to the first post surgical doctors appointment
  • Notify Emergency Medical Services with any critical changes

If you feel that your procedure needs the care of trained nursing professionals, contact us today at 720-825-7062 and receive a free consultation regarding your procedure.

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Elite Nursing Services, LLC is a concierge post-operative care provider. We supply an acute care RN that will help you recover from your procedure in the privacy and comfort of your personal hotel suite or home. Our goal is to ensure that your every need is met and that you know your care is in good hands!

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Elite Nursing Services is a concierge Nursing Service that provides post- operative care to patients in a hotel setting, or in the comfort of the patients own home for the first 24-72 hours immediately after surgery. Our entire staff are hospital trained, acute care Registered Nurses


Elite Nursing Services, LLC Goes

Elite Nursing Services, LLC is based in the Cherry Creek area and we serve greater Denver and the surrounding areas. We have partnerships with many local hotels and we’re happy to work with any hotel of you or your physician’s choice. If you have a preference or your provider does, we will be happy to accommodate you. Many patients travel to our area to have plastic surgery/ total joint replacement performed: if you need an escort back to your home state, Elite Nursing Services, LLC can provide you with personal care back home. Contact us today at 720-825-7062 and we will be happy to talk about your procedure and present you with a custom treatment plan for your post-operative care.

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We are the only company in Denver to offer an all RN, hospital trained staff to care for you during your continued initial recovery!

Please call 720-825-7062 for more information/ reservation